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glass options
glass options
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Plain glass is used in most balustrade installations in either toughened or toughened laminated forms, however, there are many different options available.


Etched Glass 

Full etched panels are available for privacy. Alternatively you can have etched designs ranging from traditional Victorian motifs, company logos or modern patterns. If we can draw your design on the computer we can stencil and etch to glass to match.

We offer a full etched glass design service for both corporate and domestic applications. Please enquire for more details.


Low Iron Glass 

The iron content in ordinary glass gives a slight green tinge which is relatively unobtrusive but using low iron ultra clear glass gives a luxurious feel to any project and especially on frameless applications makes the glass even more inconspicuous.


Printed Glass

We can digitally print your glass with an image or design of your choosing. You are only limited by your imagination.

We use the most modern printing technology and only print using ceramic inks that become part of the glass during the toughening process. The printed glass is highly durable and the print will not fade making it ideal for high weather areas or by the seaside.

Corporate applications for these printed balustrades are as advertising boards in prominent areas or for events.


Tinted Glass 

We can produce toughened or toughened laminated glass to various tints including Bronze, Grey and even Blue. Whilst having an attractive appearance this also has anti sun / anti glare properties.